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Make a sound decision by choosing 'Soundecision'

Member of N.A.M.E. National Association of Mobile Entertainers


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Let us entertain at your party, school event, wedding or any other special occasion!!!

Get that party going!
We specialize in helping you create a great party.  We are experts at getting everyone on the dance floor and keeping them there. 

Our audio equipment
We use a Mackie mixer, JBL and EV Powered Speakers, a PC laptop, a dual CD player and Shure mics

We also enjoy playing all kinds of dance music to satisfy the wide range of ages a typical party may experience.



Not too loud and Not offensive
Many DJ'S have a reputation of playing music too loud.  We usually accommodate volume issues once the dancing is in full gear or when most folks have finished their initial greet chats.  It's also important for us that offensive lyrics are not played.

Bring your CD's !
We have thousands of songs to choose from, but we also encourage you to bring your CD's and have us play them also (just make sure they play well, are edited and don't skip.....)

20% Discount to Non-profit organizations.
e offer an automatic 20% Discount to Non-profit organizations and fund raising programs. 
We encourage and applaud volunteering efforts!!

DJ and a live Band
We've also entertained frequently with live bands.  Contact us for help in getting a live band for your event.  People will definitely be impressed and have an awesome time with both a DJ and a live band! 

Extra Services (VJ, Magicians, Clowns etc).
If you wish to have video displayed at your event, we have projectors and music for your needs.  In addition, special lighting and effects (bubble machine, fog) are also available.  Karaoke is also available for an extra fee.  We also have a variety of magicians, clowns, balloonists and jugglers we recommend for your event.

Backup and liability insurance
In order to ensure the success and safety of your event, we have backup equipment on site and appropriate liability insurance which will satisfy all venues.

Here is a formal shot.  We can also can be found wearing casual attire (like bathing suits for our last pool party!)

  Contact us at 407-257-0070 or tskolits@hotmail.com


Make a sound decision with SOUNDECISION !!!   

Contact us at info@soundecision.com or tskolits@hotmail.com or 407-257-0070

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