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Live Sound Amplification
(Sound Engineer)

We've provided sound systems for various events in the Orlando area.



Me and Mel last month...


We provided the microphones, music and sound system for the guest speaker, Senator Mel Martinez at the Milennia Mall.



Here is a list of some of our clients and shows we have serviced this past year.......

Mel Martinez
Community Room at Milennia Mall

Amazon Village Mall

Discovery Middle School -   School musical 'Guys and Dolls'

Timber Creek High School -  1)Battle of the Bands
                                              2)School musical 'Once Upon A Mattress'    

Live Oak Theatre                - Original musical 'Jasper'

Teen Hype Night                 - UNITY group

Stars of Magic                   -  Magic Show

Calico Jacks                      -  Numerous rock bands    

T.E.D.FEST                         - Festival held at UCF featuring local rock bands


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